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Spectrum Dermatology Services and Offerings

Our mission is to provide superior dermatologic care as well as promoting wellness beyond the visible.

We place the doctor-patient relationship above all by adopting a direct care model free of potential insurance and government constraints. We strive to provide exceptional medical, minor surgical, and cosmetic dermatologic care in a personable, respectful, safe, and compassionate environment that puts control back with the patient.


General Dermatology

Dr. Crute is a board-certified dermatologist and, as such, is exceptionally qualified to diagnose and treat thousands of disorders involving the skin, hair, and nails. Spectrum Dermatology looks forward to caring for patients of all ages, races, and genders. Some of the common conditions we treat include: acne, rosacea, eczema/dermatitis, psoriasis, warts, seborrheic keratoses, actinic keratoses, basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas, moles, melanoma, and skin aging.

Surgical Dermatology

Dr. Crute performs some basic dermatologic surgical techniques to treat various conditions such as abnormal moles, irritated skin lesions, and skin cancers. The appropriate type of procedure is based on the condition, size, and location. Dr. Crute will discuss evaluation and treatment options with you to determine the best course of action. Shave, snip, and punch removals, as well as electrodessication and curettage can be performed by Dr. Crute, while other conditions may require a referral to a dermatologic surgeon/Mohs surgeon for definitive treatment. Reasonable options and their risks and benefits will be thoroughly discussed with each patient prior to making a decision and implementing a treatment plan.


Cosmetic Dermatology

At Spectrum Dermatology, cosmetic consultations with Dr. Crute will determine an ideal approach to address specific skin concerns and goals. All services rendered at Spectrum Dermatology are performed by Dr. Crute. Current cosmetic service offerings include SkinPen® Microneedling treatments, neuromodulator injections (Botox®, Dysport®, & Xeomin®), chemical peels, as well as skin product recommendations. Book an appointment with Dr. Crute to formulate an ideal approach for your skin concerns.

Skin Care Products

Spectrum Dermatology carries skinbetter science® products which are exceptional quality, medical grade products only available through authorized physician partners. The available products can be purchased in office or ordered online once you are registered to be a purchaser. We also carry CO2 Lift Pro Treatments which are a wonderful, at-home mask treatment aimed at enhancing oxygen delivery to your skin, leading to improvement in many aspects of your skin’s appearance within just 45 minutes. Dr. Crute is happy to make product recommendations to protect, repair, and enhance your natural skin qualities as well as improve cosmetic outcomes when used in combination with other services such as SkinPen® Microneedling, neuromodulator injections (Botox®, Dysport®, & Xeomin®), and chemical peels.


Membership & Package Options

Spectrum Dermatology now offers yearly membership options!

Spectrum Wellness: $25 per month gives you a yearly full skin check visit, one follow-up visit yearly, $30 toward any medical procedure yearly (excludes cosmetic procedures), and a 10% discount on all in-office product purchases for the year. This membership gives you a $380+ value for just $300 total per year.

Spectrum Refresh: $50 per month gives you a yearly full skin check visit, the choice of either one (1) SkinPen microneedling treatment per year -or- two (2) superficial chemical peels per year, locked in pricing of $12/unit for Botox or Xeomin and $4/unit for Dysport, and a 15% discount on all in-office product purchases throughout the year. This membership gives you up to $1000+ in value for just $600 total per year.

Spectrum Glow: $125 per month gives you a yearly full skin check visit, the choice of: three (3) SkinPen microneeding treatments per year -or- two (2) SkinPen microneedling treatments plus (2) superficial chemical peels per year -or- six (6) superficial chemical peels per year, locked in pricing of $10/unit for Botox or Xeomin and $3.50/unit for Dysport, and a 20% discount on all in-office product purchases throughout the year. This membership gives you up to $2200+ in value for just $1500 total per year.

Microneedling Package: Receive (3) SkinPen microneedling treatments for $850. Payment is due in full at time of package purchase and is a savings of $200 over typical pricing.

Chemical Peel Package: Receive (3) superficial chemical peels of your choice (including the choice of skinbetter science professional peels) for just $550. Payment is due in full at time of package purchase and is a savings of up to $200 over typical pricing.

Memberships & packages are valid for 12 months. Other rules & regulations apply.

Please contact us at 440-444-4445 or drcrute@spectrumdermohio.com if you are interested or would like additional information.

EazyScripts Delivers Results For Patients and Providers:

Our Services

For Patients:

  • Get the right medications at the best price
  • Improved medication safety
  • Better patient outcomes
  • Lower 30-day readmissions
Our Services

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  • Faster, easier, better e-prescribing experience
  • Better clinical decisions at point-of-care
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  • Unrivaled client support

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Skin care consultations with Dr. Crute

We will determine an ideal approach to address specific skin concerns, goals and desired outcomes.

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Reverse The Effects of Aging

Consider Injectable Neuromodulators

Dysport®, BOTOX Cosmetic® and XEOMIN® are trade names for highly purified proteins that are used in extremely small doses for certain cosmetic procedures and medical conditions. When you frown, concentrate, squint, or raise your eyebrows your muscles contract causing folds or wrinkles in the skin. With time these wrinkles become noticeable even at rest.


Spectrum Dermatology Testimonials

  • "She was very friendly and explained everything she would be doing. She was very patient and answered all of my questions. Great experience."

    M. G. – Feb 25, 2020
  • "Very personable physician that provided detailed and thorough explanations to my concerns. I felt heard and was satisfied by the service provided."

    K. W. – Feb 05, 2020
  • "Dr. Crute is very thorough, kind, and quick. I was in and out and I am very happy with my experience."

    J. G. – Feb 03, 2020
  • "Dr. Crute is attentive, calm and caring. She considers all aspects of your health when recommending and prescribing a course of treatment. Highly recommend."

    M. B. - Dec 23, 2020
  • "Dr. Meghan Crute is phenomenal. She is extremely knowledgeable and has perfect bedside manner. She is genuinely caring and always listens to my skincare concerns patiently. She is on top of medical advances in dermatology and is highly respected specialist among her colleagues. Everyone in her office is very friendly and respectful. I love going to her office because it has such a warm and welcoming atmosphere. As a grateful patient of Dr. Crute, I wholeheartedly recommend her to other patients."

    T. G. - November 2022
  • "I have been to 8 dermatologist over the last 25 years and Dr. Crute is the best one I have visited. I followed her from Westlake to Medina and now to Rocky River. Unlike others, she has looks find the problem and then will remediate it in the least invasive manor possible -- unlike others who start by cutting first. My family now goes to see her and are delighted with her compassionate approach to HEALING."

    S. P. - November 2022
  • "Great first experience with Dr. Crute! She was knowledge, thorough, kind, and was able to address both of my issues. Looking forward to continuing with this doctor's office for my annual checkups - everything is electronic/streamlined and quick. Thanks, Dr. Crute!"

    A. S. - June 2022
  • "Dr. Crute is the dermatologist everyone needs! She spends plenty of time with you, is incredibly knowledgeable, and has helped my skin feel better than it has in years. I also love the style of her practice. I feel like I'm taking my care into my own hands, and never have to wait for appointments or insurance. Can't say enough good things!"

    Marie - December 2021
  • "This was by far the best experience I've ever had at any medical practice. From the reception desk to the examination room, Spectrum Dermatology embodies what true patient care is all about. Dr. Meghan Crute's bedside manner is top notch, which is what truly sets a great physician apart from the rest. She was kind, empathetic, knowledgeable - with a remarkable clinical acumen. No hype, just the truth! Spectrum Dermatology is my new home for dermatological care. Thank you, Dr. Crute!"

    A. L. - 2021
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