“Got A Spot?”

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➡”Oh my, what’s this??”

➡”I don’t remember seeing that there before!!”

➡Got a spot? Call Spectrum Dermatology today and be seen within a week.

➡For more information on our “no insurance”, “no referral”, affordable dermatology care, check out the other tabs on our website.

➡Go to our “Schedule an Appointment” tab, click on the “Book an Appointment” button, or click the link below, and conveniently schedule your “Got A Spot” appointment online.

➡”Got A Spot” appointments are for evaluation of 1-2 spots only. This appointment will also include treatment with liquid nitrogen if that is indicated for those spots. If you have more than 2 spots to be evaluated, please schedule a 20- or 30-minute appointment.

➡If any spots need to be biopsied or removed by means other than with liquid nitrogen, additional costs and appointments will be discussed at the time of your “Got A Spot” visit.

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