COVID-19 Protocol Updates

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At Spectrum Dermatology we believe the health and well-being of our patients, staff, and families are of the utmost importance.

In-person office visits are scheduled in a manner to avoid having excess people in the office, minimize wait times, and allow for thorough sanitation protocols between patient visits.

The new CDC guidelines regarding mask wearing do not apply to healthcare settings and, in an effort to keep everyone safe, including those most vulnerable in our population, we are asking that all people entering the office continue to wear a mask that completely covers their mouth and nose throughout the duration of their visit, unless specifically instructed otherwise by the physician. We thank everyone for their understanding in this matter and will reassess these protocols as needed going forward.

We will continue to make every attempt to accomplish check-in and check-out procedures with minimal contact points (such as utilizing a credit card on file for payment).

We look forward to caring for you and will do our best to promote wellness beyond the visible.

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